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A Pathway to Your Invisible Nature
A Pathway to Lasting Solutions and Change

Mindful Energetics™ means being aware of how you expend your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies and how this behavior supports problems in your life that at best, provide only quick fixes rather than lasting solutions all at a high cost to your body, mind, and spirit. 

This series of techniques and information supports lasting solutions and change by getting to the “energetics” of an issue or problem. The energetics of an issue is the consideration of the thoughts, emotional patterns that created the issue or problem in the first place, which are supported by underlying Core Beliefs. Being aware of the “energetics” of an issue, lifts you out of the patterns of a run-away and incessant thinking mind and puts you in touch with emotional patterns.

At the core of Mindful Energetics™ is the ability to develop awareness or mindfulness of the thought and emotional patterns and energy in our bodies. In our society, most people live their lives out of their heads — their thinking. This causes us to be unaware of the emotional sensation reactions in our bodies created by a particular thought. We avoid our bodies because these emotional sensations make us uncomfortable.

For instance you may hear a particular tone or notice an expression of a  parent, partner, or a boss and will usually “react” to that person the same way each time. What you miss is the tightening in your chest and how you hold your breath, and other places in your body that become tense when you react. Energy can’t flow in this constricted environment. It’s like a kink in a water hose. This behavior, repeated again and again, creates repeated problems of all kinds, and can eventually lead to illness. When you use awareness or mindfulness and breathe into the constriction or other sensations in your body, you create a relaxed and informed state of being, which allows for the opportunity for new and different results.      

Through this awareness you gain information that supports lasting change. This new knowledge allows you to take “conscious action,” which ultimately opens the pathway to “create” your life; to “choose” what to think and how to act. No longer reacting out of habits. You are in charge!

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Mindful Energetics™ is an integration of techniques that leads to a relaxed state of awareness. It allows people to observe and detach from their habitual nature to discover how they expend their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies, and at what energetic cost. The process    takes your awareness inward where you can discover patterns of thinking and feeling that contribute to a lack of well-being.

The foundation of Mindful Energetics™ is taken from several modalities — systems theory approach to healing, it incorporates breathing techniques, Human Design, and several types of energy healing.

Systems Theory is the idea that a collection of variables work together to create a particular issue, such as aspects that contribute to to one’s behavior and welfare. A great example of systems theory is baking a cake. Laying out all the ingredients on the counter, does not make a cake, until the ingredients are mixed together and baked. 

Breathing Techniques: A major contributing factor to dis-ease, mental and physical discomfort, and stress, are poor breathing habits. It is a tendency in our culture to shallow breathe or a tendency to hold our breath. Correcting poor breathing habits, can increase energy levels and even improve productivity.

Human Design is a mathematical chart that combines knowledge of the ancient sciences of astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system with modern science – quantum physics and the construction of human genetic code. The results are determined by one’s birth date, time and place.

Energy healing is a mind-body approach to healing. It is holistic, in that, it works with the body’s subtle energy system, activating the body’s ability to heal itself. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-Tapping), Acupuncture, Reiki, and other types of hands-on-healing are examples. This type of healing includes all parts of the body’s energy system — meridians, chakras, and auras, which are rooted in ancient healing practices and supported by modern science. By working with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues at this level, the body’s energy system is activated to remove the energetic blocks, which impede healing.


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